Alaska’s most recent plan to address climate change was removed from the state’s website back in December. Meanwhile, some municipalities and tribal governments are moving ahead with their own ideas about how to respond to the growing problem.

Cutting through a 6-inch-thick layer of blubber demands a sharp knife.

KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with youth Sophia Astaburuaga, Vika Morozova, and Diego Joe. Recently, all 3 youth went to Juneau to speak with Governor Bill Walker about creating a climate change task force. For the proposal, the youth brought a petition over, which included over a thousand signatures from people all over Alaska. Raising awareness for the environment was the main purpose of this meeting. Coming up, AYEA is going to take a RV and drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks, making stops in various locations on the way.

CoastAlaska's Ed Schoenfeld reports a tailings dam break at a British Columbia copper and gold mine could threaten Southeast Alaska salmon fisheries, according to critics who say similar dams closer to the border could suffer the same fate, polluting Alaskan waters.

The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $888,000 to the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium for research on climate change and contaminant shifts, and effects on human health in rural communities. The grant is one of six given out nationwide. The study will focus on traditional foods.