The Wilderness Playlist

Friday's 2:00 pm

Imagine you're trapped in the Alaskan wilderness... you've come across an old vehicle, and the only thing that still works... is the Stereo! What are the 5 songs you might want to hear? We call it The Wilderness Playlist. Each week Ivan Moore chats with a notorious Alaskan guest about the songs they've chosen and why they would help sustain them as they wait for rescue. (Each episode is available, below, for only a limited time!) Tune in Fridays at 2:00 pm to catch the show. 

The Wilderness Playlist show #1 featuring the host, Ivan Moore as the Guest.

Show #11 Guest Mara Kimmel originally aired June 14, 2019

Show #10 Guest Kurt Reimann, originally aired June 7, 2019

Guest Austin Quinn Davidson, originally aired May 17, 2019

Guest Rhonda McBride, originally aired May 31, 2019

Guest Andrew Halcro, originally aired May 24, 2019