Diamond Dar's Traveling Medicine Show

Weekdays 10:00 am  Stay tuned each morning right after Native America Calling for Diamond Dar's Traveling Medicine Show, weekdays at 10:00 am.   From the KNBA programming roots set in place during Indigenous Expressions with David Sam, the Indigenous Music Show with Frank Chythlook and Fred Tuckfield, we're now enjoying the musical healing remedies of Diamond Dar's Traveling Medicine Show! Coming from Arizona, Diamond Dar has many connections with the artists in the Indigenous music scene and is able to bring their music to our airwaves.     Locally hosted and produced,  this show brings Native music and commentary, the ubiquitous "Hey Cuzzin!" and other fun times,  thoughts on films with Native flavor and highlights of community voices with the Slice of Alaska segment. It's an upbeat celebration of Native music and community.