This week on INDIGEFI: Indigenous Music

Jan 7, 2019

This week, we explore an eclectic mix of Indigenous music from some of our favorite artists and some exciting new voices. Spanning genres from blues to hip-hop, these tracks dig deep, buzz with life, and celebrate culture. Tune in for a mix of artists representing tribes from all over the world.


Artist (Song)

  1. Xiuhtezcatl ft. Nahko & Shailene Woodley (Young) Break Free
  2. PJ Vegas (Tears)
  3. Grant-Lee Phillips (Yellow Weeds) The Narrows
  4. Electric Religious (Revolution) Yeah, Yeah, No
  5. Ivaluarjuk (Roll Me) Ice Lines & Sealskin
  6. Hawane Rios ft. Nahko (Directions)
  7. Good Morning Hellen (Broken Little Bird)
  8. Janel Munoa (In Gold) Howls From Deep In the Woods
  9. Thomas X ft. Brendan Strong (Rezolution) Welcome To The Rez
  10. Diyet & the Love Soldiers (We’re Still Here) Diyet & the Love Soldiers
  11. Raye Zaragoza (Driving to Standing Rock) Fight For You
  12. Simon Lynge (Age of Distraction) Deep Snow
  13. TEEKS (If Only) The Grapefruit Skies EP
  14. LightningCloud (Zoom) LightningCloud

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