This Week on Earthsongs: Annie Humphrey

Aug 22, 2016

Annie Humphrey

  Ojibwe artist Annie Humphrey, daughter of author Anne Dunn, grew up on the Leech Lake Reservation in Northern Minnesota. Learning guitar from her father at a young age, Annie taught herself to play the piano and was writing songs by age ten. Before becoming a mother, visual artist, or career musician, she joined the Marines and also graduated from the San Marcos, California Police Academy. When she decided to focus on music, her children were her biggest inspiration, motivating her to make a living so she could support her family doing what she loved. Annie founded a group called Turtle Heart that promotes positive lifestyles for children in her community. She has been nominated for Artist of the Year at the 16th Annual Native American Music Awards for her 2016 album Uncombed Hair.

Uncombed Hair (2016)
The Sound of Ribbons (2008)
Edge of America (2003)
The Heron Smiled (2000)


Artist (Song) Album

    1. Keith Secola (Means So Much) Fingermonkey
    2. John McLeod (Lonely Indian Man) 3 of a Kind
    3. Samantha Crain (Up On The Table) You (Understand)
    4. Iskwé (Sometimes) Sometimes – Single
    5. Annie Humphrey (We The People) Uncombed Hair
    6. Annie Humphrey (Plane Crash) Uncombed Hair
    7. Annie Humphrey (The Scientist) Uncombed Hair
    8. Dark Water Rising (Rebel)
    9. Inez Jasper (Fallen Soldier – Acoustic)
    10. I Sing, You Dance (I Am Yup’ik) I Am Yup’ik
    11. A Tribe Called Red (General Generations) A Tribe Called Red