Washington man donates Frog button blanket to Sealaska Heritage

Oct 27, 2020

Frog button blanket donated to SHI by Rick Verlinda. (Photo by Lyndsey Brollini, courtesy of Sealaska Heritage Institute )

A Washington state resident donated a Frog button blanket to Sealaska Heritage Institute.

According to a Sealaska Heritage news release, the blanket is thought to date from the late 1800s and belonged to the late Ethel Kiley.

Kiley kept the blanket stored for years in her closet. Twenty years ago, she gave the blanket to her grandson, who kept it stored until September – when he donated it to Sealaska Heritage.

Ethel Kiley was born in Klukwan and may have been a Tlingit Raven of the Gaanaxteidí clan – which uses the Frog crest, the release said. She was forced to go to boarding school in Seattle and later moved to Hydaburg.