Our Community - Ten Decades, Ten Plays; the Final Week!

Sep 3, 2015

This is a 1956 Thunderbird in sage green which was a custom color and only available in 1956! It's an official international show car.
Credit courtesy of Cyrano's Theater Company

KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with curator of this weeks play, Indra Arriaga, as well as fellow actor Miles Scott. This week marks the final week of Cyrano's Ten decades Ten Plays series! Week 10 takes place though the years 2005-20015 and can be described as:

"HenOne falls asleep in the middle of an unusually hot Alaskan summer day.  As sleep gets deeper, HenOne has a riveting dream, filled with chaos, movements and sounds that awaken thought Hen's forgotten about.  When HenOne wakes up, remnants of the dream throw HenOne into the process of writing a play in order to explore the memories from the last decade.  HenOne and a couple of friends take the audience on a tour of their creative process and the local events that have shaped their world in the last ten years."

Week 10 began on September 2nd and runs through September 6th at Cyrano's Theater Company. For ticket information, click here!