As heard on Morning Line: Tristan ‘Agnauraq’ Morgan

Sep 6, 2018

Anchorage-based Iñupiaq artist Tristan ‘Agnauraq’ Morgan is a contemporary visual artist and will be showing some of her work for First Friday (Sept. 7, 2018) at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

The recent graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage likes to work in oil painting, but also works with watercolor as well. “I think for the more complex issues I definitely gear towards more oil and that’s just because it’s easier to layer,” Morgan said. “That’s how I think about painting is layering, that’s how I paint. I go one layer at a time and just keep adding more and more detail, just fine tuning that.” Morgan says her more fun paintings are done in watercolor.

Morgan will be joined by fellow Iñupiaq artist Brittnee Kivliqtaruq Brower as well as musical guests PAMYUA and Harpers Farce. The art display is indoors, while the concert is an outdoors show.  It will be an all-ages show, with food trucks and a beer garden for those 21 years or older.

You can buy your tickets online.

Anchorage-based Iñupiaq artist Tristan ‘Agnauraq’ Morgan will have her second art show at First Friday, Sept. 7, 2018, at Alaska Native Heritage Center. (Photo by Tripp J Crouse/KNBA)