As Heard on Morning Line: Perseverence Theatre - Winter Bear

Apr 4, 2017

Once again Perseverance Theatre's presentation of The Winter Bear is showing in the state of Alaska, with upcoming public performances in Anchorage April 8th and 9th, and Kenai in the works for future dates.  The show also travels to schools and various service programs throughout Alaska.

The show has been professionally produced since 2010, with origins as a student-production in Fairbanks since 2008. 

Seasoned actor Brian Wescott plays Sidney Huntington, and first-time actress Sara Thiele plays the character Miranda.  Thiele says she had acted in the past, as a student, and jumped at the chance to audition.  Part of the advantages of a long running show, Wescott says, "We're building our Alaska Native talent pool, and demonstrating that as Alaska Natives, we have a voice and that we can use it."

Sara Thiele and Brian Wescott act in the play "The Winter Bear"
Credit Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

More information about the places the Winter Bear has been to in the past is available at, and for upcoming future performances, check out their Facebook page: