As Heard on Morning Line: Panu Lucier and her father's art

Sep 1, 2017

Panu Lucier visits the Morning Line program at KNBA
Credit Koahnic Broadcasting Corporation

Today, a First Friday Event in downtown Anchorage celebrates the work of an artist, Charles Lucier.  Panu Lucier is his daughter, and has created this showing, at the Summit Spice and Tea Co, at 3030 Denali Street.  

Panu says her father was many things to many people, anthropologist, ungulate biologist focused on caribou, and in many ways a community organizer, long before that became a political buzzword.  She remembers the Urban Natives Unite group that her mother and father both created right here in Anchorage.  

In his own words, Charles Lucier said, "I am a rational writer, but less than rational, more impulsive artist. I believe in celebrating life in line and color, with humor. I follow few art rules using more traditions than academic traditions. Mostly enjoy making things and see pathos and humor everywhere including myself.  Art is the only magic left in modern life." 

The First Friday event is from 6pm-8pm.