As Heard on Morning Line: Indige Dance Challenge

May 23, 2017

Southcentral Foundation's Program Coordinator Crystal Marrs says the deadline to enter is August 1st - and winners will perform in a call-and-answer response to the Haka during the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention here in Anchorage.
Credit Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

You can respond to the Maori Haka with an Alaska Native dance and win $10,000! 

Program Coordinator Crystal Marrs says she was inspired by the show of unity and cultural connectedness of a Moari group who greeted Southcentral Foundation leaders with the Haka.  

Southcentral Foundation delegates had traveled to Aotearoa, New Zealand to exchange Best Practices and sharing the success of the Nuka System of Care.

The trip also turned out to be a cultural exchange - after the Maori tribe greeted them, the Alaskans learned of the deep meaning and show of respect the Haka meant, and the protocol surrounding the greeting.  

Some of the most well-known representations of the Haka include a viral video of groomsmen who learned it for a wedding, to honor the bride's family heritage, as well as the New Zealand All-Blacks rugby team's tradition of presenting it to the opposing teams

As far as the competition is concerned, submissions need to include a video of the Alaska Native dance group performing the response to the Haka, as well as other rules:

The Rules for submitting an audition video - the deadline is August 1st.
Credit Southcentral Foundation

For More details, as well as the entry form, go to the Southcentral Foundation's website: