As heard on Morning Line: DD Valkyrie and Alaska Geeky Mamas

Sep 12, 2018

DD Valkyrie is a creator and founder of Alaska Geeky Mamas, a Facebook community that provides outreach and support to Alaskan women in crisis.

KNBA's Morning Line host Danny Preston talks with DD Valkyrie about Alaska Geek Mamas on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018. (Photo by Tripp J Crouse/KNBA)

"We now have women in the group from all over. We support women through abusive relationships, divorce, grief and loss, all stages of life, whether they're mothers or not mothers. We're trans-inclusive, we're extremely diverse."

The group refers to itself as the #squidsquad.


"It started out as a joke because we never take ourselves too seriously, we've continued the joke and now that's our hashtag on Facebook and Instagram, #squidsquad, because we are the squids and we have tentacles everywhere. For the most part, it's connecting with women all over who maybe feel alone or forgotten or silenced. we create this support network where they are listened to and are loved again and they are sisters. And it gives them the opportunity to explore maybe leaving a bad situation, maybe finding themselves again, maybe taking a different path than just sitting where they are at and being unhappy."


"We support you in building you back up and getting out, because you deserve better. "


"If you need help or you just need someone to talk to, we have someone for you. There is always going to be someone who understands your situation better than someone else, or who has been through it before or knows what exactly to do because they lived it. We're here for you." 


DD is on Facebook as Denise DeLong Valkyrie. 


Alaska Geeky Mamas is on Facebook.