As Heard on Morning Line: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Panel Discussion Series

Feb 22, 2018

Our guest for Morning Line today: David Clark, Legislative Assistant with the Alaska Native Village Corporation Association, shared about an event hosted tomorrow:

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Panel Discussion: Diversity of Village Corporations

February 23


Rasmuson Hall on UAA Campus

David Clark is Legislative Assistant with Alaska Native Village Corporation Association.
Credit Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

Clark says the event is the second in a series of three - the first was wildly successful, largely because it's unscripted. "There's a lot of potential as to what topics may be covered... when the dialogue opens up to the public, there's no holds barred... It's a meaningful dialogue between corporate officials and with the community, people really have a chance to share their concerns, and I think that's what people should come out for."

For more information, check out the website: