Radio Host

Finally, after 35 years, Ron has decided to conquer his fears and embrace his calling.  As a child, he loved music.  He would sneak and play his mother's contemporary and classic soul 33 1/3's and 45's (these are records for those of you who are clueless) and just marvel at the audio artistry.  The album covers themselves were usually a meticulous work of art.  He would even flip the records over and listen to the "un-played."  When cassette tapes came along, this only expanded his obsession.  On blank cassettes, he would record music and coordinate the placement of songs (i.e. coordinate the songs from albums and rearrange them according to his prerogative).  In addition, he would even record radio DJ's and various commercials just to emulate their style and humor.  Instead of discovering a career in radio, he decided to serve his country and spent over twenty years with the active Army and Army Reserve.  Although the host of the weekly show Jazz Vibes, his admiration for all genre of music is extensive.