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Nancy Crowden

Volunteer Host - The Truck Stop

Name: Nancy Crowden "The Honky Tonk Girl"

Show name:   The Truck Stop
Broadcast time:    12:00 Noon Sunday

How long have you been on KNBA:
I've been hosting since 2017

Describe your show, what’s most fun for you when you’re on-air:
The Truck Stop is an adventure and you never know which way you are going, or where it will end. Jimmie Rodgers, Roscoe Holcomb, ZZ Top and many more! Co-hosting the show with The Ol' Bullrider, Steve Heimel, is an honor for me. He knows so much about the songs and artists, along with details including for example who played steel guitar in an Ernest Tubb song, or... I learn something every show. I love that there are no boundaries or rules for the show. It's just fun deciding what to play next. Plans don’t work. It is a new adventure every show.

First Concert:
Rod Stewart, Boston Common 1971. Was trying to get over the fence as so many were.

When it comes to music genres, styles, or artists do you have a “guilty pleasure”:
Guilty pleasures with music hmmmmm. I guess my favorite is letting an app choose music for me. I do some of my best listening when I am driving, it is a 2 hour drive each way to do the show, and I listen to what an app puts out, quickly checking songs I like so I can find them again. I have discovered many new artists and songs for the shows this way.

What are you up to when not Volunteering on the Radio?
I have a little place north of Willow. It’s a relatively quiet life with my 6 Tibetan Spaniels, a calico cat named Honey, a Great Pyrenees named Merry, and chickens. There is always something to do and music playing when I am outside doing chores or just enjoying life in Alaska. I have my own show on KTNA called The Honky Tonk Jukebox, every Saturday night.

If you could be any animal, what would you be:
I can’t think of any animal I would want to be. Scary enough being human.