John Donkersloot

Volunteer Host

John grew up along the muddy banks of the Naknek River. He had a rambunctious upbringing learning the ways of the land in a harsh and isolated territory. As a young man seeking adventure, he traveled up the Kvichak River to Iliamna Lake. The ghostly tales that haunted the lands didn't bother him much. While there, he continued to live off the land as he had learned from his upbringing. He spent months, no, years focused on roots country and blues music. He was honored to have played with some of the most famous Elders in the region who shared his enthusiasm for classic blues music. However, most days were spent playing only for his old dog, all the while staring out at Lake Iliamna's ever-changing waters. Few years later, John found himself ready for a new adventure. He went north to the interior of Alaska and put in his time working on the Trans Alaska Pipeline; giving back to his great state. Again he was in an isolated territory and, for the most part, playing music alone in a cold and dry cabin staring out over the Clearwater River. But this time he had to brave the most brutal winter seasons he had ever come to meet. It was while in the Interior he lost a close friend. The loss of his best friend and companion for the past 6 years was reported to be the hardest times he has ever suffered. Always paying his own way, John has worked 15 hour days since he was 14 years old. Although his years of isolation, hard work, and heavy losses has contributed to his taste for blues, John reported he's been listenin' to the blues since he was still in his daddy's sack. His rough and rowdy past has kept the fire burnin' and given him a passion for classic country music as well. John is reported to be single, hard working, and family oriented. His rambunctiousness and wanderlust landed him in Anchorage in 2009 to finally get a taste of city life.  While in Anchorage he has recorded two albums with The Mushroom Cowboys.  Both albums are available online and hard copy.  The first album, Big Ugly, was tribute to a a

great friend and lead guitar player, Big Ugly Bill Hunter.   The

second album "Addictions  ...and other lovers" transcends genres from

jazz to rockabilly.   Hope you enjoy the Blues & Beyond show on

Sunday's 8pm to 10pm.

Blues & Beyond

Sep 15, 2014

Sundays 8:00 pm to 10:00pm on 90.3 KNBA, Where Volunteers Matter!