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    Diamond Dar KNBA Host, Diamond Dar's Traveling Medicince Show Monday-Friday 10-11am90.3 FM Alaska’s Native Voice  Darlene Kawennano:ron Johnson, as Diamond Dar, is the host of KNBA’s weekday Diamond Dar's Traveling Medicince Show. She also...

  • Volunteer Host

    John Jackson arrived in Anchorage in May, 1989. Small business owner/operator since 1990.

    He happened upon 90.3 KNBA on the radio dial while working late one cold November evening in 1997, when the station has just recently began...

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    Community Advisory Board and on-air volunteer! 

    Laurie Cropley not only is a new member to our CAB helping us with feedback on our programming and our service to community, but also is hosting a new show on KNBA with a focus on the...