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As Heard on Morning Line: the 2nd Annual Anchorage Highschool Picnic

Koahnic Broadcast Cororation
Carol Atkinson

Today’s guest on Morning Line featured Carol Atkinson, an alumni of Anchorage Highschool, the very first high school in Anchorage.

Since its conception on January 28, 1939, the school served as the only high school in Anchorage until 1963, when East High School opened. "If we had a basketball game, the whole town turned out it seemed. It was so exciting to go to school here in Anchorage." Eventually, Anchorage High school was later renamed West High School 

This years marks the 2nd year the picnic will be taking place. "Last year we had it and had so many people attend. It was surprising to see that we rounded up that many old friends." Due to the large turnout last year, pre-registration is necessary to assure that every atendee is provided with a memorable experience.

The 2nd Annual Anchorage High School picnic will take place June 23 from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. at the American Lgion Post 1 Picnic Grounds, 840 West Fireweed Lane. It is $25 per person and chicken, ribs, burgers and hotdogs will be provided. For more information, contact Cora Sue Dickson.

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