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NYO Games Alaska 2017

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

This afternoon at the Alaska Airlines Center MC Marjorie Tahbone kicked off the Opening Ceremonies with a grand entry of Games teams from all across Alaska, followed by two special treats: the National Anthem sung in both English and Yup'ik, and wild applause in recognition of Head Official Nichole Johnston's upcoming induction into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame this coming evening.  

This afternoon's trio of events got underway in short order following the welcoming ceremonies, with the Kneel Jump first, followed by the Wrist Carry and the Alaskan High Kick later this evening. 

Friday's schedule includes the Eskimo Stick Pull, Scissor Broad Jump, One-Hand Reach and Two-Foot High Kick.

Long-time participant Stephanie Hawkins is an officiant for this year, and particularly looks forward to the  One-Foot High Kick, which is on the schedule for Saturday after the Indian Stick Pull in the morning, with the Seal Hop, Pilot Bread Recipe Awards and Closing Ceremonies following after. 

More information can be found at the Cook Inlet Tribal Council website:

To hear the National Anthem sung in English, then Yup'ik, click here!

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