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Ice road crew to start work on Kuskokwim Ice Road

Dean Swope

The Kuskokwim Ice Road crew will begin plowing and marking the Kuskokwim Ice Road on Jan. 5. That’s according to Bethel Search and Rescue member and the Director of Operations for the Native Village of Napaimute, Mark Leary. Leary manages the crew that plows the ice road. Leary said that the ice has thickened up nicely after the recent cold spell.

"It always amazes me how quickly the river heals itself back up," said Leary.

Leary said that his crew was supposed to have arrived in Bethel from Kalskag to begin plowing on Jan. 3, but their air travel was delayed because of recent weather woes. He said that his next priority is to get a road in to Kalskag so that the crew can travel back and forth to plow when it’s needed.

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Olivia is a News Reporter for KYUK. She previously worked in the film industry in New York City. Her documentary films have screened at festivals worldwide. In 2020 she was an artist-in-residence in Petrozavodsk, Russia. She speaks English, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, and Russian with decreasing fluency in that order.