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Attorneys in 2017 federal murder case seek extension on pre-trial deadline

The Emerald Princess is moored Wednesday, July 27, 2017, at the S. Franklin Street Dock in Juneau. (Photo by Tripp J Crouse/KTOO)

A 2017 federal murder case could reach a plea agreement ahead of its September trial date.

On Monday, June 17, a federal judge approved an unopposed motion by the U.S. Attorney to extend a pre-trial deadline to August 12.

In August 2017, Kenneth Manzanares was charged with federal first-degree murder in the death of his wife aboard the Emerald Princess. The cruise ship was in the U.S. territorial waters of Southeast Alaska at the time of her death, thus the case is under federal jurisdiction.

In the filings, the attorneys wrote that they “do not anticipate a trial in this case and are actively working towards a resolution in the case.”

The Associated Press reported that Manzanares and his wife were celebrating their wedding anniversary on the cruise. A cruise line press release called the incident a “domestic dispute.”

The 41-year-old Kenneth Manzanares is currently in custody at Lemon Creek Correctional Center in Juneau.

If found guilty of first-degree murder, Manzanares could face life in prison.