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Blood Orange Drops New Album, Video For 'Augustine'

Dev Hynes, the songwriter and producer behind Blood Orange, has released a brand new album called Freetown Sound alongside a video for the song "Augustine," which appears on the album. Both the album and video were dropped as a surprise last night, days before the artist originally planned to release his album.

The video for "Augustine" was directed and edited by Hynes and cuts back and forth between shots of the artist surrounded by friends in a summertime New York and a backdrop of a hand-painted flag of Sierra Leone and a book on "Black Queer Studies." "Augustine" has a club-ready sound and — as is pointed to in the video — something to say about identity politics. In the middle of the song, Hynes beckons: "Tell me did you lose your son? Tell me did you lose your love? Cry and burst my deafness while Trayvon falls asleep."

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