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This week on Earth Songs: Brulé

April 10, 2017

Paul LaRoche is the founding member of the legendary group Brulé. Adopted at birth from the Lower Brule Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota, he wasn’t aware of his Native heritage until after his adoptive parents’ death. This life-changing epiphany and reunion with his family members ignited in him a passion and dedication to his Native culture. Naming the band “Brulé” was an act of recognition for his tribe. Paul’s urban upbringing and later self-discovery helped develop Brulé’s sound. Their music has a classic rock influence, walking a line between contemporary and Native American. Over the years, their performances have gained notoriety on a similar level to Riverdance, referred to as “America’s #1 Native American Music and Dance Show”. Brulé has been making music since 1995. They recently released their 22nd album called “Tribe”.

Fun Facts
Over 1 million CDs sold worldwide
Paul was chosen to be a speaker and musical ambassador at the 2000 UN Peace Conference
2009 Native American Music Award winner for “Group of the Year”
2008 Native American Music Award winner for “Group of the Year”
2007 Native American Music Award winner for “Group of the Year” & “Best New Age Recording”
2006 Native American Music Award winner for “Group of the Year”
2003 Native American Music Award winner for “Best Instrumental Recording”
2002 Native American Music Award winner for “Group of the Year” & “Best Instrumental Recording”

Tribe (2016)
Tribal Rhythm 2 (2014)
Hidden Heritage West (2013)
Live @ Soaring Eagle (2013)
Hidden Heritage (2012)
Lakota Piano 2 (2012)
Hidden Heritage East (2010)
Silent Star Night (2010)
Tribal Rhythm (2009)
Tatanka (2008)
Live at MT Rushmore (2007)
Tapestry (2006)
Deep Dreams (2005)
The Collection: Brulé (2004)
Night Tree (2003)
Passion Spirit (2002)
Kinship (2001)
Lakota Piano (2000)
One Holy Night (1999)
One Nation (1998)
Star People (1997)
We The People (1996)


Artist (Song) Album

  1. Cody Blackbird (Breaking Borders) Euphoria
  2. Brendt Thomas Diabo (Dirty Old Town) Dirty Old Town – Single
  3. Iskwé (Nobody Knows) Nobody Knows – Single
  4." rel="external nofollow" style="box-sizing: border-box; transition: all 0.1s ease-in-out; color: rgb(39, 163, 209); padding-right: 15px; margin-right: 2px; background: url("") 100% 50% no-repeat;" target="_blank">Brulé (Reconciliation) Tribe
  5. Brulé (Butterfly) Tribe
  6. Brulé (Hidden Heritage) Hidden Heritage East
  7. Mic Jordan (#DearNativeYouth) Last Stand Mixtape, Vol. 1
  8. Joey Stylez feat. Dragonette (Pride of Lions) Pride of Lions – Single

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Alexis Sallee grew up in Anchorage, Alaska of Iñupiat descent. Her love for sound for film and music started at an early age and found its focus in radio when she joined the KNBA team after graduating high school. After working as an Earthsongs sound editor along with Shyanne Beatty for two years, she attended college at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. There she earned a Bachelors of Science in Recording Arts. Alexis now resides in Los Angeles where she hosts INDIGEFI and is involved in the audio post production industry.
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