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Pill's Hallucinogenic Punks Get Dose Of Own 'Medicine' In New Video

When we last left Pill, the Brooklyn post-punk band skronked and sputtered through a video that involved some freaky produce. The group's promising 7" was noisy as all get-out, but Pill's debut album Convenience reels in the chaos for something way catchier and creepier.

"Medicine" presents a good idea of what Pill has morphed into, with a hallucinogenic piece of post-punk that stubbornly builds backwards like an upside-down pyramid. The saxophone acts as a droning counter-melody to Veronica Torres' disaffected yet coy vocals, especially at the chorus when the jangly guitar freaks out with the drums and the only voice of reason — besides the abstractly funky ESG-like bassline — intones, "Medicine / Take it tomorrow."

Milton Melvin Croissant III directs the video for "Medicine," with Fear And Loathing In Looney Tunes vibes. Cartoon characters coexist with human beings in the desert, as animated eyes peer out of nipples, a radio spits red-and-white pills from the cassette deck, and a van with Mickey Mouse arms hits the open road. There couldn't be a more fitting visual for Pill's playfully weird punk.

Convenience comes out Aug. 19 on Mexican Summer.

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