Anchorage, AK – The Navy presents their Environmental Impact Statement for conducting more extensive war games in the Gulf of Alaska and the Alaska Marine Conservation Council is questioning it, three environmental groups are suing to block a timber sale that could threaten one of the last mills operating in the Tongass National Forest, a gathering focused on the staggering numbers of suicide in Alaska wrapped up in Anchorage this week.

Anchorage, AK – One of the defendant's in the Point Hope caribou case get his case dismissed, judge rules against the state in Exxon's Point Thompson lease, more than 142,000 gallons of diesel spilled near Adak Island.

Anchorage, AK – Deadline for filing sexual abuse claims against the Society of Jesus Northwest Province has passed, Yukon fishers and residents development 2010 escapement plan, Kenaitze tribe expands education programs, statue honoring Alaska Territorial guard finds temporary home.

Anchorage, AK – Dillingham city council votes to not accept money from the Pebble Fund, CFO for one of NANA's subsidiary is sentenced, senate oversight panel finds that Native corporations are no longer small businesses, a statewide multi-cultural program advocates for apprenticeships.

Anchorage, AK – The Alaska Federation of Natives issues a letter outlining their subsistence review, Senator Albert Kookesh and 3 other men will be the first cases funded by subsistence defense fund, National Park Service museum opens in Kotzebue

Anchorage, AK – Poor trail conditions around the lower Yukon hamper subsistence hunting, Obama administration announces reforms to on-whore drilling, Russian Othodox Christians celebrate Christmas.

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Athabascan Fiddling - Willie Juneby playing fiddle and Archie Juneby playing guitar.

Anchorage, Alaska – An in depth program on Athabascan Fiddling with Craig Mishler, Bill Stevens and Willie Juneby of Eagle, Alaska.

Episode 2

Anchorage, AK – Episode 4