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Kiwi Jr. expands its sonic palette on its second album, 'Chopper'

Kiwi Jr.
Ben Rayner
Courtesy of the artist
Kiwi Jr.

Kiwi Jr. wanted to invoke a feeling — not of location or mood, but of time; specifically, that time between sunset and sunrise. For their third album, Chopper, the Toronto band wanted to capture the feeling of nighttime. Some artists are tailor-made for being played in the evening, but Kiwi Jr.'s first two albums were straight ahead indie rock, so making Chopper would be a different type of undertaking.

In this session, Jeremy Gaudet and Brian Murphy from the band join me to talk about how they approached making the record by expanding their sonic palette with the help of Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner.

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Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez is a radio producer for NPR's World Cafe, based out of WXPN in Philadelphia. Before that, he covered arts, music and culture for KERA in Dallas. He reported on everything from the rise of NFTs in the music industry to the enduring significance of gay and lesbian bars to the LGBTQ community in North Texas.