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Chinese Couple Learns Through A Photo Their Paths Crossed Years Ago


We have another eerie story, but this one is not fiction. Just a week before their wedding, Lu Yiqin and her soon-to-be husband, Zhang Hedong, were going through some of his childhood photos. There's a shot of young Zhang posing in front of the Giant Buddha attraction in Eastern China. He showed it to his bride-to-be, joking, look how handsome I was.

According to the Hangzhou News Network, Lu Yiqin started to scream, that's my mom. She was pointing to a woman in a red coat standing far in the background behind Zhang. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in the truth is stranger than fiction department, when he was 14 years old Zhang Hedong practically bumped into his future mother-in-law.

And just to prove the point, Lu dug up a photo of her mother taken at exactly the same moment as Zhang's, with him likely just out of the frame. Any doubts were put to rest when it turned out both families had kept the tickets to the Buddha shrine and the dates matched. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.