downtown Anchorage

May 6, 2016


Art of an avant-garde Arctic in downtown Anchorage

By Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media

When people imagine Alaska’s Arctic, experimental art isn’t typically first thing that comes to mind.

But a new exhibit at the Anchorage Museum is getting visitors, urbanites, and art-lovers to connect to the Arctic in different ways.  And the works expand well beyond the gallery walls.

By Liz Ruskin, APRN

Next week, downtown Anchorage will be crawling with dignitaries, in town for an international conference hosted by the State Department. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz today announced which streets will close for security. He says residents should be flexible when visiting downtown for the first half of the week. But, as APRN’s Liz Ruskin reports, he says it won’t be that bad.