Our Community - Mental & Behavior Health Month!

May 19, 2015

May - Mental Health Awareness Month
KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with Operations Manager of the behavior services division at the Southcentral Foundation, Christine Reddick, intern of the Alaska Native Health Consortium, Danielle J., and Public Relations specialist, Richard Perry. The month of May officially marks behavior health month. Behavioral health should be diagnosed immediately,waiting years to treat a mental health issue can result in unfortunate consequences.
Credit ANTHC
  ANTHC is raising awareness by offering more than 72 learning circles! Coming up this Wednesday, May 20th, is a behavior luncheon that will be held at the ANTHC Consortium building, followed by a Healthy Relationships luncheon. On the 28th,a mental health wellness walk will be held at the Southcentral Heritage building, which will be part of Family Makes a Difference wellness night. All of the events are open to everyone in the public. For more information, visit: